Send Conference was an Amazing Success

We had an amazing week at our 2022 Send Conference. We were blessed and challenged by our missionary guests and their families each night. This year we voted as a church to partner with these 3 missionary families.

1) Greg Dixon – Advance Global, 2) Zac and Maria Viola – Panama, 3) Jon and Olivia Solomon – Chile

This Sunday we consider what God would have us to do for our 2023 giving year in terms of our Missions giving. Please pray and ask God how you can be involved this year through Faith Promise Giving. Consider taking a few moments Sunday to fill out a Faith Promise Commitment Card and place it in the offering or offering box in the auditorium as a commitment between you and the Lord.


Friends & Family Day- November 20, 2022

Many of you have family members and friends that you want to impact for Jesus Christ.   As a church, we are able to partner together to make that impact on November 20, 2022 at our Friends and Family Day service.  This special Sunday service is designed for every person to bring a family or adopt a family or friend for the day.  We will have only 1 service on this Sunday at 10:30am, with a Thanksgiving style meal to follow immediately after the service in our family center.  We invite you to pick up an invitation packet in the foyer and use the next steps response card in this bulletin to let us know who you’re planning to invite so we can pray for them. On this Sunday, Pastor will be preaching a very clear and engaging Gospel message for all who attend.  Please bring your family and adopt one to come with you for this incredible day.

24 Hours of Prayer for Friends & Family Day

We are asking friends and families to join us for a special service and our church is believing God will work in their life to bring them. We plan to commit 24 hours of prayer as a church body to pray for God’s intervention in each family being invited. Please join us by signing up in the foyer and selecting one or more 15-minute slots to pray during Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th from 7am-7pm. A prayer list will be sent through email and made available to all those who are signed up to participate.

Upcoming Events Around the Church

  • Trinity Outreach Week 1 this week.
  • Finance Committee Meeting – Sunday, October 30th at 6:00pm
  • Men’s Prayer Meeting – Saturday, November 5th at 8:30am
  • Deacons Meeting – Sunday, November 6th at 6:00pm
  • Student Ministry Escape Room – Saturday, November 12th 1:00pm
  • Veterans Honored in Morning Services – Sunday, November 13th
  • The Lord’s Supper – Tuesday, November 22nd


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About the author : Peggy Cupples