Our Co-Mission Vision: Session 1 – Our Problem

Our Co-Mission Vision: Session 1 – Our Problem
July 2, 2023

Our Co-Mission Vision: Session 1 – Our Problem

Passage: Various
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Series: Our Co-Mission Vision

Title: Our Problem

Scripture: Various

Speaker: Pastor Ben Jennings

Date: July 2, 2023 (Sunday Morning Service)


Every believing citizen must respond to our problem as a nation by understanding three solutions to our problem.

1. The Past and Declining Solutions- 3 Institutions

2. The Present and Partial Solution- Political Engagement

3. The Urgent and Eternal Solution - Spiritual revival through great co-mission engagement.


If that transforming work is going to affect our families, our neighborhoods, our county, our state, and our nation, then we must make Jesus Christ’s last words our first work.

The Great Commission mandate of evangelism and discipleship cannot be unknown and undone. We must make that work our primary focus. It must be our co-mission vision. We must do it together as a church body.


Trinity Baptist Church

Findlay, Ohio


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