David: Session5 – The Choice is Yours

David:  Session5 – The Choice is Yours
October 8, 2023

David: Session5 – The Choice is Yours

Passage: 1 Samuel 24
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Series: David
Title: The Choice is Yours
Scripture: 1 Samuel 24
Speaker: Pastor Miles Scarboro
Date: October 8, 2023 (Sunday Evening Service)

We can possess a heart surrendered towards God's will by carefully making four choices.

* Choice #1 - Follow the Crowd or Follow your Conscience? (v.1-7)
* Should David follow his friend's advice or listen to his conscience's prompting?

* Choice #2 - Leave it Alone or Deal with the Problem? (v.8-9)
* Should David ignore the false rumors or declare the truth to Saul?

* Choice #3 - Disobey God's Command or Surrender to God's Plan? (v.10-11)
* Should David forcefully take the kingdom or trust in God's perfect timing?

* Choice #4 - Seek Vengeance or Show Mercy? (v.12-22)
* Should David repay Saul with evil or with good?

The choice is simple: Our Way on our timetable OR God's Plan for God's glory.

Trinity Baptist Church
Findlay, Ohio

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