David: Session 7 – David’s Pit Stop

David:  Session 7 – David’s Pit Stop
November 5, 2023

David: Session 7 – David’s Pit Stop

Passage: 1 Samuel 27-30
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Series: David
Title: David's Pit Stop
Scripture: 1 Samuel 27-30
Speaker: Pastor Miles Scarboro
Date: November 5, 2023 (Sunday Evening Service)

We can find an escape from the pits of despair by examining four stages of David’s Life

Stage #1 - Depressing Circumstances (27:1)
Thought Like a Humanist
Thought Like a Pessimist

Stage #2 – Departure from God’s Plan (27:1-7)

Stage #3 - Destruction of Stability
Loses His Character (27:8-12)
Loses His Identity (29:1-11)
Loses His Family (30:1-5)
Loses His Support (30:6a)

Stage #4 – Renewed Dependence on God (30:6b)

When we are faithful, we will see God take us from the pits of misery & plant us on the Rock of glory

Trinity Baptist Church
Findlay, Ohio

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