What’s Next?

So, you’ve visited us here online and gotten to know us a little bit more. What’s next? Well, a great first step would be attending one of our Sunday services. You’ll get a chance to worship with us in person and hear a live sermon message. We have a couple of different service times to choose from, so pick the one that works best for you. Be sure to stop by our Welcome booth on your way in so we can meet you!

If you’ve been attending services and are curious to know more about the DNA of our church, we’d love to invite you to our Next Steps classes. These gatherings are short, informative classes open to anyone who’s curious about our church’s history and what makes us unique. If you’re interested in becoming a church member, you’ll need to attend these classes. Don’t worry… they’re fun, and you may even learn something new about yourself!

Next Steps Class Sign Up

Thanks for your interest in signing up for the Nex Steps class starting on February 12, 2023. We’ll meet in room 205 at 9:30am on Sunday mornings for approximately 3 weeks.

Find Meaning

Last, you might be looking for meaningful community and friends to do life with. Check out our small groups, which meet on a semester basis and are typically held outside of Sunday services. These groups are intimate settings to connect with other church members on a deeper level throughout the week. Each group has a theme. Some are age or gender specific and others are centered around a book or Bible study. Browse our groups to find one you like, then take a leap of faith to show up and walk with others.