VBS Celebration Picnic

Join us this Sunday in our 5pm Family Service as we celebrate this week’s VBS highlights and the life change that has happened in kids and families. Following the service, we are inviting everyone to the parking lot for a prepared picnic meal and VBS themed activities. Plan to join our church family and all the families from VBS for a celebration and the fun time to follow.


Camp Celebration

Please join us next Sunday, July 7 in our 5pm Family Service as we highlight our student ministry and hear the stories of how God worked in their lives this year at camp Chautauqua. Come celebrate what God has done and encourage our student ministry kids and leaders.


Wednesdays @ TBC

While July 3rd we will not have our scheduled services, we invite you to Wednesday’s during the summer at Trinity. Each week kids enjoy our Bible Time Adventure theme as they use their time machine to interview ‘real life’ Bible characters. Students have a blast at their mid-week Refuel meeting as they study what God says about relationships with others and with Him. Adults continue with a deep dive Scripture study in discipleship groups, as well as, study through the series “Promises We Can Count On” during the main prayer meeting. Join us on Wednesdays and grow deep with us through our discipleship focused services.


New Resource For You

Trinity’s INFOHUB is your online and mobile companion that will now host a variety of information, resources, and sign ups for any and all events for the family. Did you know that INFOHUB can easily be installed on your smartphone or tablet as an app? Using your smart device, visit mytbc.info and navigate to the “apps” page, then simply follow the instructions to have instant and easy access to all the latest events and opportunities here at Trinity. You can also visit the dedicated space in the lobby to access the INFOHUB in person.

Take Your Next Step

In order to grow in your relationship with Jesus and His Word, you have to take steps. At Trinity, we want to help you grow and walk alongside you as you do. Perhaps you need to consider your next step of making your faith public, through baptism, or perhaps you need to grow in God’s Word and connect with a Sunday School group, or perhaps you need to join a serve team here at Trinity and use your gifting to serve Christ together with us. Whatever your next step, we invite you to pick up a next step card in the seat pocket in front of you, and consider taking your next step as you grow in your faith. Place that card in the black box in the back and we will help you with your next step. It’s time, to take your next step!


Realm & Prayer Warriors Updates

God’s Word has called us to be believers who pray and help bear one another’s burdens. As a way of helping our church stay up to date, we use our realm app to let you know about the latest needs and requests. If you would like to receive a notification on your phone or email, you sign up to join our Prayer Warriors group on realm. In today’s bulletin, simply check the “I am interested in joining the Prayer Warriors group” and you will be added to receive the latest needs and requests of our church family.


Join The Community

If you are looking to connect with other people in the same walks of life as you, then consider joining a group here at Trinity. Our small groups meet on Sunday morning at 9:30 for an interactive study session, prayer, and community. More information about the many adult groups offered each week can be found at trinitybaptistfindlay.com/groups. This is your place to connect.


Missed a sermon?  Stay up to date with our “Watch on Demand” page!

If you missed a sermon or would like to review a previous one, visit our website where you can see our sermons arranged by speaker, passage, series, and even service. Visit https://trinitybaptistfindlay.com/church-online/message-archives to select a sermon.

Download the Realm Connect App today!

What is Realm? Realm is an online ministry tool designed for real time connection. It helps our church connect with you and you connect with us. If you consider yourself part of this church family, you’ll love it. Realm allows you to manage your personal information, control your giving, and keep in touch with the groups that matter to you. Realm’s Connect App is the way to access and manage all your information and connect with the groups you are involved in as part of our church family. You can also register for important events and stay updated with prayer and praise alerts. Don’t have a login? Download the app and request a login or visit www.onrealm.org today.

About the author : Peggy Cupples