You Can Hear From God Too!

Every person should have a plan to spend time systematically hearing from God throughout the year with a Bible reading plan. If you do not already have a plan, pick up one from the seat pocket or lobby and begin hearing from God’s Word.

This plan includes:

  • A three month journey through Scripture
  • Weekly Scripture memory challenges
  • Complimented Study in any Adult Sunday School Class

Join any adult Sunday School Class happening on campus on Sunday’s at 9:30a begin this year hearing from God like never before!


Is Your Life Out of Control?

We all live busy lives and without a plan, we can be left wondering where our time, talents, finances, family, and influence went! In this new series, we will study what God’s Word says about how we must steward our lives and discover some very practical and purposeful ways we can make a plan to live on purpose, rather than wondering, “Where Did It Go?”

Join us on Sunday at 5:00p for this new series.


Help Us Reach Families

This year we have the opportunity to give towards a replacement floor in the Milioni Family Center. This gym floor is used multiple times throughout the week as a place to reach, teach, and minister to families. Installation of this new floor is approximately $70,000 and will provide an incredible flooring solution that is both affordable and maintainable.

If you would like to give towards this offering, please write “gym” in the special category on an offering envelope or choose “gym floor” when giving online through the Realm app.


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Download the Realm Connect App today!

What is Realm? Realm is an online ministry tool designed for real time connection. It helps our church connect with you and you connect with us. If you consider yourself part of this church family, you’ll love it. Realm allows you to manage your personal information, control your giving, and keep in touch with the groups that matter to you. Realm’s Connect App is the way to access and manage all your information and connect with the groups you are involved in as part of our church family. You can also register for important events and stay updated with prayer and praise alerts. Don’t have a login? Download the app and request a login or visit today.

About the author : Corey Kershner