New 3 Week Series- Evangelism Boot Camp Starts Sunday and Prepares Our Church for Greater Outreach

I (Pastor Ben) am so excited that you all are going to hear from Pastor Corey today. He is starting a new series called “Evangelism Boot Camp” with a message called “Enlist”. We have been tasked by the Lord Jesus with the mission of reaching people with the Gospel, and we need every person we can to be involved in that great work. Over the next two weeks I will continue the series, first with a message called “Equip” where I will teach you how simple it is to share the Gospel with someone without fear. In the last message of the series, called “Engage”, I will lay out a plan where our church can be intentional together to reach the lost in Hancock County. You do not want to miss a week of this exciting and important series.



Important 4:12 Meeting – July 24

 There will be an important meeting for all adult Sunday School teachers and leaders on Sunday, July 24th. We will meet in room 101. Please be there!



Teen S.N.A.C. Night – July 31

Our teens (grades 6-12) will be going to Chipotle after the Family service.  Parents of teens are invited to join us for our Sunday Night After Church fellowship.



















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