Easter is coming!  April 4

There are just 2 Sundays before Resurrection Sunday on April 4.  We are making plans for a great day.  We have 100 packs of 6 invitations for you to use on the tables in the hallways.  In our Sunday School classes we made prayer lists of people that we are inviting this easter.  Please pray that people will come, and folks will be saved this year!

Easter Offering - $15,000 Goal!

Every year we have a special offering for a project or ministry around the church.  This year we are raising funds for the lighting in the main auditorium.  We have moved to LED Bulbs and need to update the rest of the lighting equipment to be able to continue to use the system that we have.  The equipment we have is in desperate need of updating, and once updated will be used to help us continue to have great services that preach the Word of God to those who come.  Our goal of $15,000 will help us to make these needed updates.  Please consider what God would have you to give!

Lord's Supper Service This Wednesday at 7pm

Jesus commanded the local church to remember His broken body and the sacrifice of His blood for our sins.  It has been some time since we have been able to do this as a church body.  On Wednesday at 7pm, we will be remembering Christ in this special way.  Please make plans to attend.

Information Update Card

To have good, updated records on everyone, we are asking each family to fill out a green update card.  Thanks for your participation!